I'm employed as a researcher at the Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, where im pursuing my PhD degree through a 3 year project titled "High Power Density Packaging of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors

New emerging wide band gap semiconductor materials offer potential benefits to design more compact and efficient power electronic converters. However, these benefits can only be utilized if the semiconductor is packaged and integrated properly. New concepts of packaging must be investigated and tested to obtain higher integration of the wide band gap semiconductors with peripheral components such as gate drivers, DC-links and filters. Achieving new solutions that are capable of pushing the power density and performance of power electronic converters, requires accurate simulation models of both semiconductor devices and their packaging. The project includes 3D modelling and multi-physics based finite-element simulations of power electronic packaging. The proposed solutions should also be considered in terms of their practical applicability. This includes requirements of proper cooling, low generation of electromagnetic interference and balanced operation of interconnected semiconductor devices. Finally, the proposed designs must be manufactured as prototypes in the laboratories of Aalborg University and tested experimentally.

The project is supervised by Professor Stig Munk-Nielsen, associate professor Christian Uhrenfeldt and associate professor Szymon Beczkowski


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